In these terms and conditions, “we” and “us” means Primo Foods and “you” and “your” means the Applicant as set out in the Application Form.

Booking the Primo Food Truck

We receive many applications, and unfortunately only have one food truck. Only successful applicants will be notified and have further correspondence.

Successful applicants are chosen based on who we believe best reflect our community values. No preference will be shown to any particular community group.

Although we hope not to, we reserve the right to cancel any successful applicant at any time and for any reason. We always endeavour to notify such applicants as promptly as possible. If a successful applicant does not comply with these terms and conditions, we may cancel the Primo Food Truck. This includes on the day of the event.

Primo Food Truck Payments and Proceeds

There is no deposit or booking fee required for the Primo food truck.

You will receive the entire proceeds collected on the day of your event. Both the cash and electronic payments will be managed by our team. All proceeds will be paid via EFT, withing 7 days following your event. You will be issued with a fundraising summary statement and donation letter when this is transferred.


You must provide us will 14 days of notice if you wish to cancel the Primo Food Truck. This allows us to arrange a booking for another event. You will not incur any cancellation fee.

Let us know at your earliest convenience, no less than 24 hours before your event if rain may lead to cancellation of your event.

What we must do

We will provide all the food supplies required for the Primo Food Truck. We will provide a chef, as well as 2 team members who will operate the food truck for the entire event. Our team will guide and work along side your of volunteers.

Our team will also run and facilitate the sales on the day. Please note that only the Primo Food menu will be served and sold via food truck on the day. The Primo Food Truck will be available for an pre agreed number of hours in respect to the size and scale of your event. This will be confirmed prior to the day of your event.

The Primo Food Truck will be available for an pre agreed number of hours in respect to the size and scale of your event. OR The Primo Food Truck will be available for a maximum of X hours for your event. This will be confirmed prior to the day of your event.

What you must do

You must ensure that:

  • a) Safe and accessible land is provided and available for our Primo Food Truck to park and serve. This will be agreed on prior to your event.
  • b) You provide us with early access to the event site to ensure we can activate the Primo Food Truck prior to the event commencement.
  • c) No signage is attached to the Primo Food Truck without our permission.

We will manage all cash and electronic payments.

Liability and Legal Information

We accept no liability for any decision we make to accept or reject any application, or to cancel the Primo Foot Truck at your event. All decisions are final, and we will not enter any correspondence regarding them. In submitting an application, you agree to not publicly criticise any decision we make.

The images posted by you featuring the Primo Food Truck, or images posted by us, you grant us a royalty-free, worldwide and irrevocable license to re-post those images or otherwise use of them in our marketing activities. Should any dispute arise regarding these images, you will notify us so that we may cease any use of the disputed images.

To help us gain awareness about the Primo Food Truck, we encourage you to post images of the event with Primo Food Truck online via social media. We consent to re-posting and other uses of those images by us in connection with our marketing and advertising activities